80th ACS Colloid and Surface Science Symposium
Technical Program

Full Technical Program


Speaker Information
All speakers are required to bring their laptop computers to the meeting to give their presentations. Speakers are encouraged to test and have their presentation files loaded onto their laptops prior to the start of the sessions. The following audiovisual equipment will be in the session rooms: Overhead, LCD, and screen.

Poster Information
An area of 3' wide by 4' high will be provided for each poster at the poster session.













1. Interfacial Phenomena in the Environment
Bruce Honeyman: Colorado School of Mines
Joe Ryan, University of Colorado, Boulder

2. Colloidal Stability and Control
Darrell Velegol, Penn State University
Eric Dufresne, Yale University

3. Self-Assembling Systems
William Ducker, University of Melbourne
Todd Emrick, University of Massachusetts Amherst

4. Biointerfaces and Biocolloids
Maria Santore, University of Massachusetts, Amherst
Jay Groves, University of California, Berkeley

5. Microfluidics
John Oakey, Metafluidics, Inc.
Darren Link, Raindance Technologies, Inc.

6. Rheology and Dynamics of Complex Fluids
James Harden, University of Ottawa
Robert Leheny, Johns Hopkins University

7. Surface Science and Catalysis
Will Medlin: CU Boulder
Chuck Peden: Pacific Northwest National Laboratory

8. Colloidal Nanoscience and Technology
Orlin Velev, North Carolina State University
Younan Xia, University of Washington

9. Non-Equilibrium and Granular Phenomena
David Wu, Colorado School of Mines

10. Monolayers and Thin Films
Gang-Yu Liu, University of California, Davis
Ken Carter, University of Massachusetts, Amherst

11. Biomedical Applications of Colloids and Thin Films
Joe Zasadzinski, University of California, Santa Barbara
Ka-Yee Lee, University of Chicago

12. General Papers in Colloid and Interface Science
Eric Furst, University of Delaware
John Crocker, University of Pennsylvania

13. Poster Session
Matt Liberatore, Colorado School of Mines

14. Nucleation Symposium
Barbara Wyslouzil, Ohio State University
Isamu Kusaka, Ohio State University

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